Celtic Tapestry: Contemporary & Traditional Celtic Music

Ancient Celtic classics find new life with modern artists and traditional instruments

32 Songs on 2 CDs

$19.99 $9.99

Take a whimsical, soulful journey through Ireland

Travel to the green hills of Emerald Isle with this beautifully arranged collection of Celtic favorites. Artists play new interpretations of ancient melodies using an array of traditional instruments such as the fiddle, Celtic harp, Irish button accordion, Scottish and Irish bagpipes, pipes, Irish flute, pennywhistle, and bodhran as well as bouzouki, viola de gamba, recorder, and hammered dulcimer.

  Song Title Artist Time
Curlew/Green Hills of Tyrol Karen Ashbrook
The Rakes of Clonmel/The Trip to the Cottage Robin Bullock
Polka of the Setting Sun/Reel Antoinette Ken Kolodner
The Red Haired Boy Al Petteway
Killarney Boys of Pleasure/Oro ‘Se Do (Vocal) Ceoltoiri
Mrs. Gunn’s Strathspey/Sweet Molly/The Wise Maid Bonnie Rideout
Maple Leaf/ Bird in the Bush Sue Richards
Johnny Don’t Get Drunk/Miss Monaghan Robin Bullock
Bobbing Joe/Cuckolds All in a Row/Rufty Tufty/Parson’s Farewell Hesperus
Strike the Gay Harp Hesperus
Lagan Love (Vocal) Amy White
Give Me Your Hand Maggie Sansone
Miss Gordon of Park/Craigellachie Lassies/The Honorable Mrs. Drummond of Perth’s Delight Bonnie Rideout
Crested Hens Karen Ashbrook
Nyth Y GWCW (Cuckoo’s Nest) Sue Richards
Sean Dun Na Ngall (Old Donegal) Ceoltoiri
Asturian Reels And Jigs City of Washington Pipe Band
Hunter’s House/Maid of Mt. Kisco/Kiss Me Kate Ceoltoiri
Behind the Bush in the Garden Karen Ashbrook
Christmas Carousing/Ale is Dear/New Christmas Bonnie Rideout
If I Were a Blackbird (Vocal) Amy White
Gan Ainm/Reaping the Rye Karen Ashbrook
Bottom of the Punch Bowl/The Man Who Died And Rose Again Ensemble Galilei
Miss Murphy Sue Richards
Brose and Butter Bonnie Rideout
The Cruel Sister (Vocal) Ceoltoiri
A Cottage in the Glen Jody Marshall
Tyrone March/Cooley’s Reel Maggie Sansone
Eirigh Suas A Stoirin (Rise Up My Love) Al Petteway
Lady of the Lake/Farewell Trion/Shenandoah Falls Ken Kolodner
Bog On Lochan/Drowsy Maggie/Sleepy Maggie Bonnie Rideout
Scotland the Brave City of Washington Pipe Band

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