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The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes

“FUNNY has no expiration date” — USA Today

As Seen on TV

$99.95 Installment pricing available

“No one has seen the first five seasons of ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ since they were first aired – no re-runs, no web streaming, no DVDs, nothing, nowhere, zip…until now!” – Carol Burnett

For the first time on DVD, you can now own the best episodes from the groundbreaking years of Carol’s beloved variety show. You’ll see the first episode aired, the first performances of many of her famous characters, legendary guest stars, and show-stopping musical performances.

The Lost Episodes features 21 uncut episodes plus over 11 hours of bonus material on 10 DVDs. Exclusive bonus features include:

  • A Backstage Tour of Studio 33 where the show was filmed
  • Exclusive interviews with Alan Alda, Julie Andrews, Tony Bennett, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and many more
  • Rare Carol TV Specials
  • Newly Produced Featurettes 
  • Hilarious Bonus Sketches
  • Never-Before-Seen Bloopers and Outtakes

Plus, you’ll receive a collectible 40-page Guest Book with autographs from Carol’s guests, friends, and fans, production photos, and notes from Carol herself! All 21 episodes closed captioned!


The Lost Episodes ULTIMATE Collection

Want even more Carol? Click here to learn more about The Lost Episodes ULTIMATE Collection. You’ll get 45 original episodes and over 20 hours of bonus features on 22 DVDs. Plus, the collectible Guest Book and deluxe collector’s box!

And for super fans, buy the VIP Collection hand-signed by Carol here!

Volume 1

The Lost Episodes — 6 DVDs

Featuring 16 uncut episodes from the first 5 seasons including the debut episode with Carol’s good luck charm Jim Nabors, guest stars Lucille Ball, Bob Newhart, and Don Rickles, plus the first appearance of Harvey’s hilarious Mother Marcus! Also included are over 5 hours of exclusive bonus footage featuring a backstage tour of Studio 33, exclusive interviews, and never-before-seen bloopers!

  • Show #108 Original Air Date: November 4, 1968

    Guest Starring: Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Nancy Wilson

    • Q&A—Carol and Lucille Ball
    • The Old Folks—Carol and Harvey
    • The Folks Who Live on the Hill—Nancy Wilson
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Eddie Albert
    • Father of Girls—Eddie Albert
    • As the Stomach Turns—Carol, Vicki, Lyle, Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Nancy Wilson
    • Finale: What’s in the Stars: The Other Man’s Grass Is Always Greener/A Good Man Is Hard to Find—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Lucille Ball, Nancy Wilson, Eddie Albert, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #422, Original Air Date: February 22, 1971

    Guest Starring: Chita Rivera, Bob Newhart

    • Q&A
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Bob Newhart
    • Lucretia Mac Evil—Chita Rivera and Dancers
    • Alice Portnoy—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • MGM Salute: Ninotchka/Blackboard Jungle/Varsity Drag—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Bob Newhart, Chita Rivera, Dancers and Singers
    • MGM Salute: Gone with the Wind/Naughty Rosemarie—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Bob Newhart, Chita Rivera, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights
  • Show #107, Original Air Date: November 11, 1968

    Guest Starring: Don Rickles, Mel Tormé, Nanette Fabray

    • Q&A—Carol, Lyle, Don Rickles
    • Doctor’s Office—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Nanette Fabray
    • Take a Letter Miss Jones—Mel Tormé
    • The Shoe Store—Harvey, Don Rickles, Nanette Fabray
    • Finale: The Tin Pan Alley Story—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Mel Tormé, Don Rickles, Nanette Fabray, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights
  • Show #003, Original Air Date: September 11, 1967

    Guest Starring: Jim Nabors

    • Q&A—Carol and Lyle
    • V.I.P.: Shirley Dimple—Carol, Harvey, Lyle
    • You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me—Jim Nabors
    • Ski Lodge—Carol and Jim Nabors
    • Broadway Medley—Carol and Jim Nabors
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • Finale: Charwoman: Soul Finger/Georgy Girl—Carol and Dancers
    • Goodnights
  • Show #510, Original Air Date: November 3, 1971

    Guest Starring: Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde

    • Q&A
    • The Old Folks—Carol, Harvey, Paul Lynde
    • Love Thy Neighbor/Put a Little Love in Your Heart—Bing Crosby
    • As the Stomach Turns—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Paul Lynde, Bing Crosby
    • Sing/Get Happy—Carol, Bing Crosby, Singers
    • Dance: Challenge—The Ernie Flatt Dancers
    • Finale: The Drunkard’s Daughter—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #522, Original Air Date: March 1, 1972

    Guest Starring: Tim Conway, Eydie Gorme

    • Q&A
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Tim Conway
    • A House Is Not a Home—Eydie Gorme
    • Undercover Cops—Harvey, Lyle, Tim Conway
    • Midnight Theatre: Dr. Nose—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Tim Conway
    • Finale: Angel Child—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Eydie Gorme, Tim Conway, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights
  • Show #521, Original Air Date: February 23, 1972

    Guest Starring: Nanette Fabray, Burt Reynolds

    • Q&A—Carol and Burt Reynolds
    • Fly Me—Harvey
    • As Time Goes By—Burt Reynolds and Dancers
    • Chromo-Seltzer—Harvey
    • Scoop Mouthwash—Vicki and Burt Reynolds
    • George and Zelda—Carol and Harvey
    • Nite-Nite—Harvey, Lyle, Nanette Fabray
    • Hair and Shoulders Shampoo—Carol and Lyle
    • It’s a Musical World—Nanette Fabray, Dancers and Singers
    • Cool Power—Carol and Lyle
    • Transcontinental Airlines—Burt Reynolds
    • Al—Carol
    • Wednesday Night Adventure Movie: The Lavender Pimpernel—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Burt Reynolds, Nanette Fabray
    • Finale: She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain—Carol, Nanette Fabray, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #013, Original Air Date: November 27, 1967

    Guest Starring: Lesley Ann Warren, Don Adams

    • Q&A—Carol and Don Adams
    • The Jolly Green Thing—Carol, Harvey, Lyle
    • The Best Is Yet to Come—Lesley Ann Warren and Dancers
    • The Donny Bishop Show—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Don Adams
    • Two Fathers—Harvey and Don Adams
    • Fressa—Carol and Harvey
    • Enter Laughing—Carol
    • The Lost Purse—Carol and Don Adams
    • Finale: All God’s Children—Carol, Lesley Ann Warren, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #006, Original Air Date: October 2, 1967

    Guest Starring: Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Gloria Loring

    • Q&A—Carol and Lyle
    • Cafe Argentine—Carol, Harvey, Lucille Ball
    • TV Commercials—Carol
    • I Dig Rock and Roll Music—Carol, Vicki, Dancers and Singers
    • News Anchor—Tim Conway
    • Comedy Spot—Carol, Lyle, Lucille Ball
    • Rental Car Agents—Carol, Harvey, Lucille Ball, Tim Conway
    • Goin’ Out of My Head/Try to Remember—Gloria Loring
    • Super Guy—Carol and Harvey
    • Finale: See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have—Carol, Lucille Ball, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #112, Original Air Date: January 6, 1969

    Guest Starring: Tim Conway

    • Q&A—Carol, Lyle, Tim Conway
    • V.I.P.: Colonel Flanders—Carol and Harvey
    • Comedy Spot—Carol and Tim Conway
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • American Boys—Vicki, Dancers and Singers
    • The Painters—Carol and Tim Conway
    • Finale: The Night They Raided Rimsky’s—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Tim Conway, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #008, Original Air Date: October 16, 1967

    Guest Starring: Bobbie Gentry, Phyllis Diller, Gwen Verdon

    • Q&A—Carol and Vicki
    • Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde—Carol, Harvey, Phyllis Diller, William Schallert
    • Comedy Spot—Phyllis Diller
    • The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)—Gwen Verdon, Dancers and Singers
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • Bugs/The Look of Love—Bobbie Gentry
    • The Murder Trial of the Century—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Phyllis Diller, William Schallert
    • Finale: Beatles Tribute: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/With a Little Help from My Friends/When I’m Sixty-Four—Carol, Bobbie Gentry, Phyllis Diller, Gwen Verdon, Dancers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #309, Original Air Date: November 17, 1969

    Guest Starring: Andy Griffith

    • Q&A—Carol, Merv Griffin, Andy Griffith
    • Aesop’s Fable—Andy Griffith
    • V.I.P.: The King Family—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Isabel Sanford
    • I Believed It All—Carol
    • Mr. Law and Order—Carol, Vicki, Lyle, Andy Griffith
    • Máh-Ná-Mah-Ná—Vicki, Don Crichton, Ruth Buzzi, Arte Johnson
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Elaine Joyce
    • Finale: Cinderellie—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Andy Griffith, Dancers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #503, Original Air Date: November 10, 1971

    Guest Starring: Bernadette Peters, Cass Elliot

    • Q&A
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • The Look of Love—Cass Elliot
    • The Sound Man—Carol, Harvey, Lyle
    • Cherish/It Had to Be You—Bernadette Peters
    • As the Stomach Turns—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Cass Elliot, Bernadette Peters
    • Finale: You’ve Got a Friend—Carol, Cass Elliot, Bernadette Peters, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #316, Original Air Date: January 19, 1970

    Guest Starring: Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr

    • Q&A—Carol and Flip Wilson
    • The Offenders—Carol and Harvey
    • Go (Vois)—Vikki Carr
    • Comedy Spot—Flip Wilson
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head—Vicki, Dancers and Singers
    • Mission: Improbable—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr, Peter Graves, Leonard Nimoy, Peter Lupus, Greg Morris
    • Finale: There’s Enough to Go Around—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Vikki Carr, Flip Wilson, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #506, Original Air Date: October 6, 1971

    Guest Starring: Carol Channing, Steve Lawrence

    • Introduction
    • In My Own Lifetime—Steve Lawrence
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • Ain’t Misbehavin’/You’re the Cream in My Coffee/Button Up Your Overcoat—Carol Channing and Dancers
    • As the Stomach Turns—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Carol Channing, Steve Lawrence
    • Salute to Oscar: Sorry, Wrong Number/Acceptance Speech/The Story of Louis Pasteur/The African Queen—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Carol Channing, Steve Lawrence
    • Finale: Without a Word, Without a Sound—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Steve Lawrence, Dancers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #016,Original Air Date: March 18, 1968

    Guest Starring: Tim Conway, Jack Jones, Ruth Buzzi

    • Q&A—Carol and Tim Conway
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Ruth Buzzi
    • I Can’t Get Started/’Cause I Got So Much Lovin’ in Me—Jack Jones and Dancers
    • The Bullfighter—Harvey and Tim Conway
    • Shipwrecked—Carol and Tim Conway
    • Salute to Old Movies: The Jungle Kook/Sing Sing Dingaling/Shut Uppa You Face—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Jack Jones, Tim Conway, Ruth Buzzi
    • Nobody—Carol
    • Finale: Hoedown: Wahoo/San Antonio Rose/Bye Bye Love/I’m an Old Cowhand—Carol, Jack Jones, Dancers
    • Goodnights

  • The Lost Episodes 6 DVD: Bonus Features

    • A Backstage Tour: Carol and Company Return to Studio 33 (taped in Los Angeles on April 2, 2015)
    • Featurettes:
      • On the Spot: Carol's Q&A
      • Fabulous Firsts
    • Interviews:
      • Alan Alda
      • Julie Andrews
      • Carol Burnett
      • Vikki Carr
      • Carol Channing
      • Bill Hader
      • Jack Jones
      • Gloria Loring
      • Jim Nabors
      • Queen Latifah
      • Burt Reynolds
      • Don Rickles
      • Lesley Ann Warren
    • Bonus Sketches:
      • Opening number from the live television special Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center (original air date December 7, 1971) with Carol and Julie Andrews
      • Uncut "Q&A" segment from Show #003 (original air date September 11, 1967)
      • "Morton of the Movies" from Show #813 (original air date December 21, 1974) with Alan Alda as a suitor using pick-up lines from old movies on Carol
      • "The Dentist" from Show #120 (original air date March 3, 1969) with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman
    • Outtakes

Volume 2

Treasures from the Vault — 2 DVDs

This volume includes 5 more original, uncut episodes from the first 5 seasons. You’ll see incredible guests including Jonathan Winters, Joan Rivers, Shirley Jones, and Sonny & Cher, the first appearance of Tim’s “Oldest Man” character, plus a cameo appearance by Bob Hope! This DVD set also features over 2 hours of bonus footage including exclusive new interviews with Tony Bennett, Steve Carell, and Kristin Chenoweth. 

  • Show #021, Original Air Date: Original Air Date: January 29, 1968

    Guest Starring: Jonathan Winters, Dionne Warwick

    • Q&A—Carol and Jonathan Winters
    • Late Night TV Junkies—Carol and Jonathan Winters
    • (Theme From) Valley of the Dolls/Children Go Where I Send Thee—Dionne Warwick, Dancers and Singers
    • T’Morra’, T’Morra’—Carol and Dionne Warwick
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki
    • Kiss of Death—Harvey and Lyle
    • Come Rain or Come Shine—Carol
    • The Wonderful World of Hospitals—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Jonathan Winters
    • You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me—Carol and Dancers
    • Goodnights

  • Show #318, Original Air Date: February 2, 1970

    Guest Starring: Barbara Feldon, Joan Rivers

    • Q&A
    • The Old Folks—Carol and Harvey
    • If You’ve Got the Money I’ve Got the Time/Yakety Sax—Barbara Feldon, Dancers and Singers
    • Comedy Spot—Joan Rivers
    • The 10th Avenue Family—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle
    • Miss Globe Contest—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Barbara Feldon, Joan Rivers
    • Finale: Charwoman: Where Did My Childhood Go?—Carol
    • Goodnights

  • Show #011, Original Air Date: November 6, 1967

    Sonny & Cher, Nanette Fabray

    • Q&A—Carol and Nanette Fabray
    • V.I.P.: Sunnydale Nudist Camp—Carol, Harvey, Lyle
    • Office Triangle—Carol, Harvey, Nanette Fabray
    • Bosom Buddies—Carol and Nanette Fabray
    • Coffee Commercial—Carol and Harvey
    • You Better Sit Down Kids—Cher
    • Living for You—Sonny & Cher
    • Stay or Go or Stay—Carol, Harvey, Sonny & Cher
    • Foreign Airlines—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Nanette Fabray
    • Finale: Take Me Along—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Nanette Fabray, Sonny & Cher, Dancers
    • Goodnights
  • Show #113, Original Air Date, December 16, 1968

    Guest Starring: Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne

    • Q&A
    • Fireside Chat—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Isabel Sanford
    • Kiss Him Now—Eileen Farrell and Dancers
    • Hugh Handsome Meets Charlene Fusco—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Bob Hope
    • The Page’s Aria from Les Huguenots—Marilyn Horne
    • Your Opera Theatre of the Air: El Trios Piccolo Piggos—Carol, Harvey, Lyle, Marilyn Horne, Eileen Farrell
    • Big Spender—Carol, Marilyn Horne, Eileen Farrell
    • Finale: Christmas Carols—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Marilyn Horne, Eileen Farrell, Isabel Sanford, Dancers and Singers
    • Goodnights: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Show #020, Original Air Date: January 22, 1968

    Guest Starring: Shirley Jones, George Chakiris

    • Q&A—Carol and George Chakiris
    • V.I.P.: Charles de Gaulle—Carol and Harvey
    • When Did I Fall in Love/Somebody Somewhere—Shirley Jones
    • Divorce American Style—Carol and Harvey
    • Shoplifter—Carol and Shirley Jones
    • Angel of Mayhem—Carol, Harvey, Lyle
    • Zorba the Greek—George Chakiris and Dancers
    • Carol and Sis—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Shirley Jones
    • Finale: Charwoman: If My Friends Could See Me Now/Baby, Dream Your Dream—Carol
    • Goodnights

  • Treasures from the Vault: Bonus Features

    • Featurettes:
      • The Song and Dance: Crooners, Hoofers & Balladeers
      • Expecting the Unexpected
    • Interviews:
      • Tony Bennett
      • Steve Carell
      • George Chakiris
      • Kristin Chenoweth
      • Shirley Jones
    • Bonus Sketches:
      • “Carol and Sis” sketch from Show #411 (original air date December 7, 1970) with Don Rickles as a frustrated house painter
      • As the Stomach Turns sketch from Show #301 (original air date October 10, 1969) featuring the first appearance of Tim Conway’s “Oldest Man”
    • Outtakes

Volume 3

Exclusive Bonus Features Vol. 1 — 2 DVDs

In addition to all the 45 episodes you get in this collection, these 2 bonus DVDs give you access to the Once Upon a Mattress color TV production of the Broadway show starring Carol Burnett, TV specials with Carol, a featurette that explores the golden age of the variety show, and Messages to Carol with meaningful sentiments from her friends, fans, and guests.

  • The Lost Episodes: Bonus Features Disc 19

    • Once Upon a Mattress, the CBS color television movie version of the Broadway show, starring Carol in her Tony Award–nominated role as Princess Winnifred the Woebegone, Ken Berry as Prince Dauntless, Jane White as Queen Aggravain, Bernadette Peters as Lady Larken, and Jack Gilford reprising his stage role as King Sextimus (original air date December 12, 1972)
    • Carol + 2 television special starring Carol with Lucille Ball and Zero Mostel (original air date March 22, 1966)
    • Carol Burnett on the Origins of the Charwoman—Carol introduces the first appearance of the “Charwoman” character in the television special Carol & Company (original air date February 24, 1963)

  • The Lost Episodes: Bonus Features Disc 20

    • Featurettes: The Golden Age of the Variety Show and Messages to Carol
    • Interviews with: 
      • Alan Alda
      • Carol Burnett
      • Randy Doney
      • Tina Fey
      • Bill Hader

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