The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 1

The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 1

The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 1

Relive every action-packed adventure and thrilling moment of the first season of the Six Million Dollar Man.

Relive every action-packed adventure and thrilling moment of the first season of the Six Million Dollar Man.
13 Episodes on 6 DVDs

Extra: three pilot movies and two hours of bonus features

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We have the technology. We have the DVDs.

Get the first season of this groundbreaking series, digitally remastered and restored for pristine clarity. But, that's not all. Enjoy all three pilot movies and an exclusive interview with Executive Producer Harve Bennett.  

Disc 1

  • Population: Zero

    When Steve and Oscar investigate the death of the entire population of a small town, they are contacted by a scientist, once employed by the government, who is set on revenge for past grievances. Demanding $10 million or he will strike again, Steve must find and stop him. 

  • Survival of the Fittest

    During important negotiations with Russian officials, Oscar's life is threatened. When the plane that Steve and Oscar are flying in crashes, Steve must protect Oscar from the individuals wanting to make sure the negotiations fail. 

Disc 2

  • Operation Firefly

    When a crime syndicate kidnaps Dr. Samuel Abbott, the inventor of a portable laser, Steve enlists the help of Abbott's daughter Susan — who has the gift of ESP — to rescue him. 

  • Day of the Robot

    In an attempt to steal a top secret anti-missile device, Steve's associate and friend Major Sloan is kidnapped and replaced with a robot. Steve must discover the impostor, and keep the device from being stolen and sold to the highest bidder. 

Disc 3

  • Little Orphan Airplane

    Steve is assigned to find and rescue downed-pilot Josh Perkins, as well as recover the evidence of U.N. treaty violations that Perkins had on him when he disappeared. 

  • Doomsday, and Counting

    When an earthquake threatens the stability of an underground Russian nuclear installation, Steve must rescue the fiance of his friend Col. Vasily Zhukov, who is buried beneath debris. Complicating matters further, Steve must also stop the reactor before it explodes. 

Disc 4

  • Eyewitness to Murder

    When a failed attempt is made on the life of a grand jury witness in a mob case, Steve must protect the witness from the inevitable second attempt. 

  • The Rescue of Athena One

    Steve is launched into space to rescue two astronauts stranded in a crippled space capsule. 

Disc 5

  • Dr. Wells Is Missing

    When a group of international criminals kidnap Dr. Rudy Wells in order to force him to build them a bionic man, Steve is sent to find and rescue him. 

  • The Last of the Fourth of Julys

    When a terrorist uses a laser to try to kill a group of prime ministers attending an international meeting in Paris, Steve is assigned to infiltrate his compound and stop him. 

Disc 6

  • Burning Bright

    Steve's astronaut friend Josh Lang is impaired after being exposed to an electrical field while in space. However, Lang finds himself with strange abilities from the exposure, including the ability to communicate with dolphins, but when his condition deteriorates, Steve must find him and take him to a facility before he harms himself. 

  • The Coward

    When an earthquake in the Himalayas uncovers a DC-3 plane containing secret papers that went down during World War II, Steve is sent to recover the papers. Steve also tries to clear the name of the pilot, his father, who was accused of bailing out and leaving the rest of the crew to die. 

  • Run, Steve, Run

    When a crime syndicate and a robot creator conspire to build a team of bionic robot criminals, they kidnap Steve in order to learn how his bionic limbs work. 

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