China Beach: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition

China Beach: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

62 Episodes + 3 Scripts

Includes commemorative scripts and photos

$174.99 $122.49 Installment pricing available

USA Today’s No. 1 DVD release of 2013 – The complete groundbreaking series with 10 hours of new bonus features!

For the first time ever on DVD, bring home this groundbreaking series. In an era of testosterone-driven war movies, China Beach delivered a unique perspective: the Vietnam War through the eyes of women! 

Enjoy every original episode, over 10 hours of new bonus features, a deluxe collector’s box and the “Tales from the Five & Dime” booklet. All 62 episodes of this iconic and award-winning series are included as well as 268 classic hit songs as they were played in the original broadcast.

Included in the limited-edition 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition are three commemorative scripts, so you can feel just like a cast member preparing for a shoot. Enjoying reading three fan-favorite episodes, the series pilot, "China Beach", "Vets" and the series finale "Hello, Goodbye." 

As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy five beautiful 8x10 photos featuring the cast from throughout the series and one of the actors together again at the cast reunion. 

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Season 1

Features the iconic 2-hour pilot, “China Beach” plus “Hit the Beach,” an exclusive featurette that reviews the inspiration for the series, key storylines and themes. Enjoy original hit songs including the theme “Reflections” by The Supremes, “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, “Nowhere to Run” by Martha and the Vandellas and more. Series co-creator and executive producer John Sacret Young as well as director Rod Holcomb provide insightful audio commentary for the pilot episode.

  • China Beach Parts I and II

    Meet the women of the 510th Evac Hospital at China Beach Vietnam, 1967; Army nurse Colleen McMurphy, Red Cross newcomer Cherry White, singer Laurette Barber, and civilian worker K.C. Kolowski. 

  • Home

    McMurphy questions her hatred for a Vietnamese nurse when the latter goes into labor after saving an American's life.

  • Hot Spell

    After surviving a mortar attack, K.C. and Cherry confront dangerous black marketeers on the fringes of Da Nang.

  • Chao Ong

    Laurette gets her big show-business break; McMurphy and Natch seek comfort with each other; guest Nancy Sinatra.

  • Somewhere Over the Radio

    Laurette sees field combat first-hand when a helicopter crash strands her with Lila and Cherry in the Vietnamese highlands.

  • Waiting For Beckett

    Beckett's quest for inner peace leads him to an unlikely source; Cherry displays surprising strength while pressured to help a deserter.

  • Brothers

    Cherry and McMurphy follow Dodger into the Vietnamese underworld to search for Cherry's missing brother.

Season 2

Producer/writer John Wells joins the production staff and contributes to the legendary and award-winning episode “Vets,” which features interviews with Vietnam veterans.  Soundtrack includes incredible hits including “Baby, I Need  Your Loving” by the Four Tops, “My Girl” by the Temptations, “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown and more. 

  • Lost and Found

    A radio personality Wayloo Marie Holmes (Megan Gallagher) arrives; McMurphy and Natch further their relationship.

  • Lost and Found Part II

    The heat of battle forges a new relationship for McMurphy; an incoming shell wounds Wayloo Marie.

  • Limbo

    Wounded Dodger's mind wanders; K.C. starts a beauty parlor; Boonie seeks black-market penicillin.

  • X-Mas Chnbch VN '67

    Red Cross "elves" visit remote firebases; a Santa goes berserk with a grenade launcher; Wayloo readies for her weather assignment.

  • Women in White

    Wayloo talks her way into an armed forces TV post; McMurphy clashes with Richard and a neurosurgeon over Dodger's condition.

  • All About E.E.V.

    A dashing officer charms Wayloo, K.C. and Lila; a white soldier thinks he is Chuck Berry; McMurphy and Richard try romance.

  • Tet '68

    McMurphy learns of K.C.'s heroin addiction; an assault traps Cherry at a remote firebase; Wayloo follows Boonie into battle.

  • Cherry

    Cherry's parents ask K.C. to bring their daughter's body home from Vietnam; Dodger fights a transfer to a Tokyo hospital.

  • Crossing the Great Water

    Impending divorce nudges Richard into a medical program for the Vietnamese; Wayloo falls for a Naval officer.

  • Psywars

    McMurphy suffers a bout of insomnia; Wayloo looks into Boonie's combat history; Frankie finds love.

  • Where the Boys Are

    McMurphy shares a romantic interlude with a soldier; Boonie gets thrown in the brig.

  • Vets

    Interviews with Vietnam War veterans are intercut with scenes of the series. Series co-creator and executive producer John Sacret Young as well as writers Carol Flint and Lydia Woodward provide audio commentary.

  • Twilight

    Wayloo's congressman father (Kevin McCarthy) arrives to present Boonie with a combat medal.

  • Afterburner

    A tiger cub softens Lila; Natch's return complicates McMurphy's love life; K.C. and Boonie gang up on her sinister former superior.

  • Promised Land

    Racial violence after Martin Luther King's death alters Frankie's and Beckett's relationships with their comrades.

  • The World

    Rushing to her father's deathbed in Kansas, McMurphy finds a divided nation; guest Harold Russell.

  • The World Part II

    McMurphy spends a wild night in San Francisco with student protesters, entertainers and disabled veterans.

Season 3

This season is highlighted by the deeper exploration of the unlikely friendship between McMurphy and K.C. This is set to iconic songs including  “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James & The Shondells, “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” by Manfred Mann, “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, “Stand By Me” by John Lennon, “Piece Of My Heart”  by Janis Joplin and many more.

  • The Unquiet Earth

    Held prisoner with K.C. in a Viet Cong tunnel, McMurphy must perform surgery on an enemy commander.

  • Skin Deep

    The women stage a beauty pageant of nurses and Red Cross workers in response to prompting by new Red Cross volunteer Holly (Ricki Lake); McMurphy and K.C. try to help a disfigured soldier.

  • Dear China Beach

    Holly rounds up pen pals for the staff; an eating-and-drinking contest pits McMurphy against a Marine.

  • Who's Happy Now

    A colonel dies in the company of K.C., who tries to remove the body discreetly from her quarters.

  • Independence Day

    A monsoon drives everyone indoors, where cabin fever rears its ugly head.

  • Ghosts

    Bernard helps McMurphy deal with death; Beckett sees the desertion of Mai's village; Dodger helps K.C. accept her father's death.

  • With a Little Help From My Friends

    Holly learns a Vietnamese friend may be responsible for wounding Frankie; Boonie organizes a "battle of the bands."

  • China Men

    A corpsman freezes in battle; Boonie's libido gives him a unique medical problem; McMurphy realizes a dream.

  • How to Stay Alive in Vietnam (1)

    Dodger and McMurphy come to an understanding with an aggressive photojournalist; guest Haing S. Ngor.

  • How to Stay Alive in Vietnam (2)

    McMurphy observes a wounded prisoner's tragedy; K.C. fears her attraction to a high-ranking officer; guest Haing S. Ngor.

  • Magic

    McMurphy's romance with two men takes its toll; Holly falls for Boonie; unpromoted Lila torments Sarge.

  • Nightfall

    K.C. digs for the truth about the murder of a Vietnamese employee.

  • Souvenirs

    Dodger engineers his Vietnamese-American son's rescue. Interviews with veterans about leaving Vietnam are presented. Series co-creator and executive producer John Sacret Young, writers Carol Flint and Lydia Woodward, as well as actress Dana Delany provide audio commentary.

  • Holly's Choice

    Pregnant Holly faces a choice: marry Boonie, have the child out of wedlock or get an abortion.

  • A Rumor of Peace

    The staff prepares to go home after a pirate radio station announces the end of the war.

  • Warriors

    The issue of euthanasia for his comatose pal brings Vinnie and McMurphy closer; a clerical error makes Frankie leader of a combat squad.

  • The Thanks of a Grateful Nation

    Dodger reunites with his family and establishes a rapport with his ex-Marine father.

  • Skylark

    Two entertainers pitch in during a crisis; Norton wreaks havoc in the motor pool.

  • Phoenix

    An intelligence officer involves K.C. in the assassination of a Vietnamese national; Boonie befriends a resourceful teen.

  • F.N.G.

    Chaos marks the first days of McMurphy, Dr. Richard, Boonie and K.C. at China Beach.

  • The Gift

    McMurphy comes under investigation when soldiers bequeath money to her; circumstance forces Lila to reveal secrets about her love life.

  • Strange Brew

    McMurphy and Beckett visit firebase Geronimo; K.C. relives old times with a high-school beau.

Season 4

The aftermath of the war continues to play a part in the lives of the China Beach veterans long after they've returned home. Includes the emotional 2-part series finale “Hello Goodbye” and an episode directed by actress Diane Keaton. Audio commentary for finale by Dana Delany and series co-creator John Sacret Young. Episodes also feature classic hits such as “I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and many more.

  • The Big Bang

    Boonie and Richard's 1985 reunion sparks memories of their first days in Vietnam.

  • She Sells More Than Sea Shells

    Pregnant K.C. asks Boonie's help when the father is seriously wounded; 18 years later, the child learns about her mother.

  • You, Babe

    Mishaps cause McMurphy and K.C. to fight on their way to Saigon.

  • Escape

    The 1985 funeral of his father conjures up memories of Beckett's first days in Vietnam and his assignment to the graves unit.

  • Fever

    McMurphy returns home in 1970 and struggles with assimilation. Directed by Diane Keaton.

  • Juice

    McMurphy and Richard meet in 1970 and learn how each has changed since Vietnam.

  • One Giant Leap

    Richard's crush on a young nurse makes McMurphy jealous; an accident cripples Boonie.

  • One Small Step

    A caring nurse keeps rehabilitating Boonie from losing all self-esteem.

  • The Call

    Frankie seeks a comedy career in 1970 Chicago, but gets caught up in the Chicago Seven trial.

  • I Could Have Danced All Night ... But Didn't

    Both a camp production of "My Fair Lady" and Lila and Sarge's wedding make Richard and McMurphy examine mutual feelings.

  • 100 Klicks Out

    With Saigon falling, K.C. searches for her daughter; in Arizona, McMurphy tries to prevent child abuse on an Indian reservation.

  • The Always Goodbye

    In 1969, McMurphy and a smitten GI interrupt K.C.'s new life in Bangkok.

  • Quest

    In 1976, McMurphy begins to overcome the trauma of Vietnam while visiting Dodger in Montana.

  • Rewind

    In 1985, K.C.'s daughter interviews those who knew her mother and unearths long-repressed feelings about the war.

  • Through and Through

    Flashbacks drive McMurphy to therapy in 1985; she learns she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Hello Goodbye Part I”

    During a 1988 reunion in Washington, D.C., China Beach veterans recall their experiences and visit the Vietnam War Memorial. Series co-creator and executive producer John Sacret Young as well as actress Dana Delany provide audio commentary.

  • Hello Goodbye Part II

    During a 1988 reunion in Washington, D.C., China Beach veterans recall their experiences and visit the Vietnam War Memorial. Series co-creator and executive producer John Sacret Young as well as actress Dana Delany provide audio commentary.

Volume 5

Enjoy 2 DVDs with over 10 hours of bonus material, including new cast interviews from the China Beach cast reunion held in honor of the show's 25th anniversary. 

  • Featurette: The Real Hello Goodbye

    Creators and cast reunite and reflect on the China Beach journey

  • China Beach Origins

    How It All Began – a roundtable discussion with John Sacret Young, Rod Holcomb, Bill Broyles, and John Levey 

  • Cast Interviews

    Interviews with Dana Delany , Nancy Giles, Brian Wimmer and Jeff Kober 

  • Featurette: China Beach Memories

    Tales from the 25th Anniversary Reunion 

  • China Beach Reality: TV vs. Reality

    A round-table discussion with John Sacret Young, Carol Flint, and Toni Graphia 

  • China Beach Legacy: China Beach Lives On

    A round-table discussion with John Sacret Young, John Wells, Lydia Woodward, and Mimi Leder 

  • Cast Interviews Continued

    Interviews with Chloe Webb, Concetta Tomei, Troy Evans and John Wells

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