Cronkite Remembers: A Remarkable Century

CRONKITE Remembers: A Remarkable Century

The 20th century presented by Walter Cronkite

7.5 Hours on 3 DVDs

Features rare and never-before scene photos and clips

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This six-hour award winning documentary features the greatest events of the 20th century

Relive what happened during this last century, as America's most trusted newsman shares his personal eyewitness experiences and insights gained from his front row seat to the 20th century. 

This revealing program features never-before broadcast home movies and still photos from the Cronkite family, plus rare historic film and newsreel clips.

The Early Years

Take a look back at Walter Cronkite's boyhood years, a time when America came of age through the ordeals of World War I and the Depression, when radio, automobiles, aviation, gangsters and movies all became fixtures in American culture.

World War II

Fresh from the Depression, war once again engulfs the United States. Be an eyewitness to history as Walter Cronkite takes you to Omaha Beach, Bastogne and the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

The Cold War

Amid the turmoil of the Cold War, Walter Cronkite rises to the top of his profession as the CBS national news anchor while covering such stories as the first atomic bomb tests, the Red Scare and the Korean War.

Television and Politics

As television penetrates almost every American household, it plays an increasing role in domestic politics. From the 1960 presidential debates to the shock of John F. Kennedy's assassination, television - and Walter Cronkite - are there to tell the story.

Vietnam and Civil Rights

Television brings Southern racial oppression and the Vietnam War home to America, helping spark radical changes throughout the country. Protests erupt from coast to coast as civil rights and opposition to the war come to dominate the country and the news.

Man on the Moon

As domestic strife rocks America, visionaries reach for the stars in a quest to land on the moon. From the fascinating manned flights around the planet to the final triumph of Neil Armstrong's moon walk, Walter Cronkite tells the story to an enthralled global audience. 

The '70s And Career Recap

America suffers from the excesses of its leaders as President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew are felled by scandals. As the United States tries to recover, oil shortages create long lines at the pumps while terrorists seize hostages in Iran. Then with the '80s, a new era of optimism comes to America.

A Remarkable Century Time Line

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