Mama's Family - Seasons One & Two

Mama’s Family - Seasons One & Two

For the first time on DVD seasons one and two of Mama’s Family, taken from the original broadcast masters with no syndication cuts

For the first time on DVD seasons one and two of Mama’s Family, taken from the original broadcast masters with no syndication cuts

Bonus: made-for-TV movie "Eunice" and new cast interviews

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Your favorite small-town matriarch is back!

“I think Mama’s Family was a lot of people’s guilty pleasure. A lot of people just love it and I think what they love is, it’s one of those great sitcoms that you can sit and laugh at for absolutely no good reason.” — Vicki Lawrence, "Mama"

Get ready to laugh with your favorite no-nonsense, straight-talkin’ lady. After gaining popularity on The Carol Burnett Show, Thelma “Mama” Harper and her misfit family earned their own well-loved sitcom.

Now you can enjoy your favorite side-splitting zingers and hilarious moments of seasons one and two as they were originally broadcast.  The episodes includes the original introductions from Harvey Korman as the witty Alistair Quince.

You’ll also enjoy hours of bonus material including the made-for-TV movie Eunice, featurettes about the history of the show, and brand new interviews with Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence and Betty White.  

Get the complete series!

Upgrade to the complete series to bring home all six hilarious and side-splitting seasons of Mama’s Family. This comprehensive collection includes over 10 hours of bonus features to enjoy including the Mama’s Family Cast Reunion; an exclusive 1-on-1 with Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett; Vicki Lawrence interviewing Mama; a new interview with Betty White; and much more!

Season 1

Mama’s Family kicks off with a recently-evicted Vinton and his two teenage kids, Buzz and Sonja, moving in with Mama. Aunt Fran is already living with Mama and is none too pleased at the intrusion. When Vint marries local "floozy” Naomi Oates, even more mayhem ensues. Ellen, Eunice and Ed all pop in to add their own brand of crazy to the household.

Unfortunately the original broadcast masters for “Cellmates,” Episode 6 and “Mama’s Boyfriend,” Episode 9 have been lost to time. Those two episodes are the syndicated versions.

  • Vint and the Kids Move In

    Air Date:  January 22, 1983

  • For Better or For Worse

    Air Date:  January 29, 1983

  • The Wedding (1)

    Air Date:  February 5, 1983

  • The Wedding (2)

    Air Date:  February 12, 1983

  • Family Feud

    Air Date:  February 19, 1983

  • Cellmates

    Air Date:  February 26, 1983

  • Mama Gets A Job

    Air Date:  March 5, 1983

  • Double Standard

    Air Date:  March 12, 1983

  • Mama's Boyfriend

    Air Date:  March 19, 1983

  • Fran's Dress

    Air Date:  March 26, 1983

  • Alien Marriage

    Air Date:  April 2, 1983

  • Positive Thinking

    Air Date:  April 30, 1983

  • Mama's Silver

    Air Date:  May 7, 1983

Season 2

This season finds Mama’s crowded house settling into a new sort of normalcy. Buzz and Sonja are attending high school. Aunt Fran is working hard on her column at the local newspaper. Ellen is still climbing up the social ladder. Vint and Naomi continue to express their love all over the house. And, Mama is still just as short-tempered as ever!

  • The Flaming Forties

    Air Date:  September 29, 1983

  • The Return of Leonard Oates

    Air Date:  October 13, 1983

  • Country Club

    Air Date:  October 20, 1983

  • Naomi and the Stork

    Air Date:  October 27, 1983

  • Rashomama

    Air Date:  November 3, 1983

  • Obscene Call

    Air Date:  November 10, 1983

  • Ellen's Boyfriend

    Air Date:  November 17, 1983

  • Gert Rides Again

    Air Date:  December 1, 1983

  • Amateur Night

    Air Date:  December 8, 1983

  • The Mama Who Came to Dinner

    Air Date:  December 22, 1983

  • Mama Learns to Drive

    Air Date:  January 7, 1984

  • Black Belt Mama

    Air Date:  January 14, 1984

  • Mama Buys A Car

    Air Date:  January 21, 1984

  • Super Market

    Air Date:  February 4, 1984

  • No Room At the Inn

    Air Date:  February 11, 1984

  • Mama for Mayor (1)

    Air Date:  February 18, 1984

  • Mama for Mayor (2)

    Air Date:  February 25, 1984

  • Harper Versus Harper

    Air Date:  March 10, 1984

  • Mama's Birthday

    Air Date:  March 17, 1984

  • Mama Cries Uncle

    Air Date:  March 24, 1984

  • Ask Aunt Fran

    Air Date:  March 31, 1984

  • A Great Mistake

    Air Date:  April 7, 1984

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