The Red Skelton Hour IN COLOR

The Red Skelton Hour IN COLOR

America’s Clown Prince in his funniest shows, with the biggest guest stars, all in one never-before-released collection.

America’s Clown Prince in his funniest shows, with the biggest guest stars, all in one never-before-released collection.
Over 25 Hours on 11 DVDs

11 DVDs + Bonus DVD + Memory Book!

$99.95 $74.95 Installment pricing available

Never-before-released episodes, unseen for over 50 years!

Red Skelton was a brilliant performer, a passionate patriot, and a master of simple, hilarious, classic comedy. Now you can let Red entertain you any time you like with 31 incredible full-color episodes of The Red Skelton Hour, unseen for over 50 years! All the legendary comedians, incredible music, and classic characters can be yours to enjoy with the whole family.

You’ll get 11 DVDs including:

  • 31 never-before-released episodes IN COLOR
  • Featuring guest stars like John Wayne, Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Mickey Rooney, Tim Conway, Martha Raye, George Gobel, Vincent Price and many more!
  • A full-length biography of Red, featuring rare home movies and intimate interviews
  • A Bonus DVD of Red’s Farewell Specials including a Christmas special written by and starring Red
  • Plus a beautiful Memory Book giving you a closer look at how Red’s most beloved characters came to life

Over 25 hours of hilarious, heart-warming humor!

Season 1

The Red Skelton Hour: IN COLOR —10 DVDs

This 10-DVD set features 31 never-before-released episodes in their original, brilliant color. You’ll see all your favorite characters, a hilarious host of guest stars, Red’s famous recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, musical performances by Simon & Garfunkel, Frankie Valli, The 5th Dimension and more, plus a bonus Skelton biography, America’s Clown. There’s no business like funny business and no one did it better than Red!

  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 1

    • When Nut-Hood Was in Flower
      • Original Air Date: January 4, 1966
      • Featuring: Milton Berle
    • Autograph Hounds
      • Original Air Date: October 28, 1969
      • Featuring: John Wayne
    • Hippie Days Are Here Again
      • Original Air Date: October 31, 1967
      • Featuring: Jackie Coogan, Tim Conway, Nancy Ames
    • He Who Steals My Robot Steals Trash
      • Original Air Date: September 24, 1968
      • Featuring: Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Ed Sullivan
    • Bonus Features: Interviews with Bobby Rydell and Vicki Lawrence
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 2

    • Eenie Meenie Minee Schmo
      • Original Air Date: September 20, 1966
      • Featuring: Mickey Rooney, Simon & Garfunkel
    • Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dumb
      • Original Air Date: February 14, 1967
      • Featuring: George Gobel
    • Dial M for Moron 
      • Original Air Date: January 23, 1968
      • Featuring: Phyllis Diller, Lou Rawls
    • The Revenge of Prudence Pennyfeather or Wide Saddles in the Old Corral
      • Original Air Date: October 15, 1968
      • Featuring: Martha Raye
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 3

    • The Fastest Cuspidor in the West
      • Original Air Date: December 13, 1966
      • Featuring: Robert Goulet
    • The Red Skelton Scrapbook
      • Original Air Date: March 1, 1966
      • Featuring: John Wayne (guest host) 
    • The Best Thing to Get Out of Marriage Is to Get Out of Marriage
      • Original Air Date: January 14, 1969
      • FeaturingAudrey Meadows
    • If at First You Don’t Succeed, Forget It
      • Original Air Date: March 18, 1969
      • FeaturingMerv Griffin
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 4

    • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of George Appleby
      • Original Air Date: March 12, 1968
      • Featuring: Mike Connors
    • A Spy Is a Peeping Tom on Salary
      • Original Air Date: October 10, 1967
      • Featuring: Fernando Lamas, The 5th Dimension
    • Red’s Relatives
      • Original Air Date: November 21, 1967
      • Featuring: Polly Bergen, Pat Carroll
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 5

    • Sheriffs Are Bought, Not Made
      • Original Air Date: February 13, 1968
      • Featuring: Burl Ives, Lulu 
    • Where There’s Smoke There’s a Dragon
      • Original Air Date: October 3, 1967
      • Featuring: Bert Lahr
    • Rings on Her Fingers Also Go through Your Nose
      • Original Air Date: April 30, 1968
      • Featuring: Nipsey Russell, The Association
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 6

    • Pop, the Astronaut
      • Original Air Date: September 23, 1969
      • Featuring: Peter Graves
    • He Who Steals My Dump Steals Trash
      • Original Air Date: December 5, 1967
      • Featuring: George Gobel, Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons
    • The Seven Ages of Man
      • Original Air Date: September 12, 1967
      • Featuring: Maurice Evans
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 7

    • Down the Old Chisholm Trail with the Old Chiseler
      • Original Air Date: February 1, 1966
      • Featuring: George Gobel
    • Not with My Dump You Don’t
      • Original Air Date: February 28, 1967
      • Featuring: Terry-Thomas
    • It’s a Treat to Beat a Cheat on the Mississippi Mud
      • Original Air Date: March 21, 1967
      • Featuring: Richard Chamberlain
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 8

    • Next Time, Try the Brain
      • Original Air Date: April 4, 1967
      • Featuring: Tennessee Ernie Ford
    • Saddle Sores on the Old Corral
      • Original Air Date: September 19, 1967
      • Featuring: Stanley Holloway, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66
    • I Never Met a Pig I Didn’t Like
      • Original Air Date: March 5, 1968
      • Featuring: Liberace
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 9

    • Parlor, Bedroom & Wrath
      • Original Air Date: March 7, 1967
      • Featuring: Mickey Rooney, Martha Raye
    • The Nag and I
      • Original Air Date: May 9, 1967
      • Featuring: Nipsey Russell
    • Clothes Make the Bum
      • Original Air Date: October 17, 1967
      • Featuring: Terry-Thomas, Nancy Wilson
  • The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —Disc 10

    • Cauliflower Fiddles While Bolivar Burns
      • Original Air Date: October 8, 1968
      • Featuring: Maurice Evans, Shirley Bassey
    • Bonus Feature: Documentary: America’s Clown

Season 2

The Red Skelton Hour: In Color —1 BONUS DVD

Red’s zany, unexpected and classically hilarious crowning performances are celebrated in this compilation of farewell specials.

  • Red Skelton’s Christmas Dinner – A touching, music-filled holiday tale featuring Vincent Price and Imogene Coca with plenty of laughs for the whole family. 
  • More Funny Faces – Skelton is joined by world-renowned mime artist Marcel Marceau in recreating some of Red’s funniest routines and exciting skits. 
  • Funny Faces III – Packed with laughter and memorable characters, this special features Red in more hilarious sketches and pantomime. 
  • A Royal Command Performance – America’s wackiest court jester gets sill with Britain’s Royal Family at London’s Royal Albert Hall. 

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