The Wonder Years: Seasons 1-3

The Wonder Years: Seasons 1-3

Includes all episodes from Seasons 1-3, plus one FREE DVD and a yearbook!

Includes all episodes from Seasons 1-3, plus one FREE DVD and a yearbook!

Seasons 1-3, one free DVD and a yearbook

$99.95 Installment pricing available

The Wonder Years Collection is finally on DVD!

Premiering after the 1988 Super Bowl, The Wonder Years captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike with the trials and tribulations of young Kevin Arnold as he enters junior high. From his first kiss with Winnie Cooper to his friendship with Paul Pfeiffer and the ups and downs of the Arnold family, fans shared in laughter, love, loss, and above all, wonder. 

Never before released on DVD, you can now own the first three seasons, including all 46 episodes plus over 6 hours of bonus features on 11 DVDs. Plus, you’ll get a replica yearbook with behind-the-scenes photos and signatures by the cast and crew. 

Exclusive bonus features include the first cast reunion in 16 years and interviews with all 7 main cast members, the creators, and the narrator! Plus, four newly-produced featurettes and never-before-seen outtakes of Kevin and Winnie’s first kiss!  

This set includes songs as they were featured in the original broadcast, including Joe Cocker’s unforgettable rendition of the Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

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Season 1

Season 1

The Wonder Years captured the angst of growing up in suburban middle-class America in the late ‘60s as seen through the life and times of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage). In Season 1, Kevin experiences the ups and downs of young love, his school’s well-intentioned, though comedic, attempts at classroom sex education, and the incredible social pressures behind an innocent junior high dance. The peace-love movement hits close to home when Kevin’s sister Karen (Olivia d’Abo) falls for a college-aged, VW bus-driving hippie (future star John Corbett), as does the dark reality of the Vietnam War when his cool neighbor Brian Cooper is killed in action. Kevin gets by with a little help from his friends Winnie (Danica McKellar) and the hyper-allergic Paul (Josh Saviano). Two hours of bonus material, including highlights from the 2014 cast reunion, make Season 1 even more wonderful.

  • Pilot

    Kevin Arnold and best friend Paul Pfeiffer are saying goodbye to their last summer as boys and preparing to enter Robert F. Kennedy Junior High School. Kevin and Winnie share their first kiss as Winnie mourns the loss of her brother, Brian, a soldier just killed in the Vietnam War.

  • Swingers

    At Brian’s funeral, all Kevin can think about is Winnie and their first kiss; meanwhile, sex education begins at school, but Kevin and Paul get the feeling that their teacher isn’t telling them everything they need to know.

  • My Father's Office

    After Kevin asks his dad about what he does at work, Jack brings his son to his office at NORCOM and shows him around. Kevin gets a glimpse into his father’s life after spending the day with him, and in the end, he realizes that his father is a great man.

  • Angel

    Kevin’s older sister, Karen, doesn’t communicate with her parents anymore, and it’s all because of her new boyfriend, Louis. Kevin takes an immediate dislike to Louis, and finds out that he is cheating on Karen. Things are only made worse when Louis comes to dinner.

  • The Phone Call

    Kevin tries to get up the courage to call Lisa Berlini, while Paul consults the junior high grapevine to find out if Lisa likes Kevin.

  • Dance With Me

    Kevin is madly infatuated with Lisa Berlini and asks her to the school dance, but things change quickly after Lisa accepts a date with another guy.

  • Bonus Features

    • A Wonderful Day: Highlights from the Cast Reunion, May 28, 2014, in Los Angeles, California
    • Featurette: With a Little Help from My Friends: The Early Days of The Wonder Years
    • Interviews:
      • Neal Marlens and Carol Black, Creators
      • Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold)
      • Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper)
      • Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer)

Season 2

Season 2

Kevin enters 7th grade and the world of dating. Kennedy Junior High becomes a hotbed of who-likes-who. Paul and Carla Healy get together, while Kevin develops a crush on his English teacher, Miss White, then anguishes over his on-again, off-again opportunities to romance Winnie. Meanwhile, Norma tries her hand at pottery, Paul celebrates his Bar Mitzvah, and Karen’s rebelliousness leads to an aborted trip to San Francisco. There’s plenty of drama in this season with punches thrown (“Just Between Me And You And Kirk And Paul And Carla And Becky”), an unfortunate hamster incident (“Hiroshima, Mon Frere”) and some tears (“Brightwing”), but it all turns out okay, ending with summer vacation and Kevin and Winnie’s sweet second kiss.

  • Heart of Darkness

    Kevin’s nightmares are a telling sign of the new changes in his life, including befriending the tough kid at school.

  • Our Miss White

    Kevin develops a crush on Miss White after she has him play the role of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in a play that she wrote.

  • Christmas

    Wayne and Kevin try to convince their father to buy a color TV for Christmas, and Kevin has to find a perfect present for Winnie after receiving one from her.

  • Steady As She Goes

    Now that Paul is dating, Kevin begins to pine more for Winnie. 

  • Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky

    It’s a confusing mix-up as to who likes who at Kennedy Junior High.

  • Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

    Norma is upset when she takes a pottery class and receives encouragement from everyone—except Jack.

  • Coda

    Kevin’s piano lessons have him in competition with Ronald Hirschmuller.

  • Hiroshima, Mon Frere

    Wayne’s bullying of Kevin has been getting pretty out of hand lately, but when he interferes in a big way with Kevin and Paul’s science project, Wayne may have gone too far.

  • Loosiers

    When Kevin sees that Paul is being humiliated at basketball during gym class, he decides to go to Coach Cutlip to complain about how he thinks teams are being unfairly picked. Cutlip then decides to teach Kevin a lesson about fairness by making him a team captain. 

  • Walk Out

    Kevin and the student council organize a walkout to protest the Vietnam War. However, when the assistant principal, Mr. Diperna, finds out about the planned walkout, he threatens to suspend all who participate.

  • Nemesis

    Kevin learns the consequences of talking behind other people’s backs.

  • Fate

    Driven by his love for Winnie, Kevin faces the school bully.

  • Birthday Boy

    Kevin feels left out when his birthday party is on the same day as Paul’s bar mitzvah.

  • Brightwing

    Kevin discovers that Karen is planning to run away to San Francisco.

  • Square Dance

    Margaret Farquhar, the class weirdo, tries to befriend Kevin after he is partnered up with her in a square dance for gym class.

  • Whose Woods Are These?

    Kevin, Paul, and Winnie come together to stop the destruction of Harper’s Woods. Kevin and Winnie shared their first kiss in these woods, and they all used to play together there when they were younger.

  • How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

    As seventh grade comes to an end, Winnie’s parents decide to get a divorce, and the kids’ teacher Miss White announces that she is getting married.

  • Bonus Features

    • School Days: Roundtable with Danica McKellar, Fred Savage, and Josh Saviano
    • Featurette: The Times They Are A-Changin’: The Era
    • Interviews:
      • Daniel Stern (Narrator)
      • Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold)
      • Alley Mills (Norma Arnold)

Season 3

Season 3

Kevin experiences a lot of firsts in Season 3 – he gets his first pimple and his first puppy; he has his first French Kiss and joins his first band; and he gets his first “D” in math class. Paul is still as allergic as ever, but gets a boost of confidence from a date with Norma; and Jack and Karen stop fighting long enough to celebrate her 18th birthday, if only for a moment. This season features many fan-favorite episodes - including “Summer Song,” "The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre," and the Emmy award–winning “Goodbye” - plus, over 2 hours of bonus features including exclusive interviews with Danica McKellar and her sister Crystal McKellar (Becky Slater).

  • Summer Song

    During summer vacation, Kevin experiences his first French kiss and the heartbreak of a summer romance.

  • Math Class

    Kevin runs into trouble when he thinks his math teacher is being unreasonable.

  • Wayne on Wheels

    Kevin is obsessed with going to the mall after meeting a beautiful girl, but the only way he can get there is to catch a ride from Wayne.

  • Mom Wars

    Kevin’s mother tries to stop him from playing tackle football, making him think she’s too overprotective of him.

  • On The Spot

    The school production of Our Town hits trouble when Winnie gets stage fright.

  • Odd Man Out

    Kevin and Paul find new best friends after they get on one another’s nerves.

  • The Family Car

    Kevin hopes that his father will buy a new, fancier car after their old one breaks beyond repair.

  • The Pimple

    Kevin gets his first pimple right before family friends come to visit—with their beautiful teenage daughter.

  • Math Class Squared

    To try to get ahead in math class, Kevin decides to cheat on a test, leading only to bigger problems.

  • Rock ’n’ Roll

    After seeing the Beatles on TV, Kevin joins a rock ’n’ roll band.

  • Don't You Know Anything About Women?

    A school dance has Kevin hoping to ask his crush, Susan Fisher, but he ends up going “as friends” with his lab partner, Linda.

  • The Powers That Be

    Jack gets mad at Grandpa Arnold when he comes to visit and gives Kevin a dog.

  • She, My Friend And I

    After Carla breaks up with Paul, Kevin sets up Paul and Winnie to make Carla jealous, but Paul ends up having feelings for Winnie.

  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    Kevin brings Winnie a Valentine’s Day card but it accidentally ends up in Becky Slater’s locker.

  • The Tree House

    Jack and Kevin build a tree house and discover that it provides a good view of the attractive neighbor next door.

  • The Glee Club

    The new student teacher tries to make something more of the Glee Club but has no luck.

  • Night Out

    Kevin and Winnie are invited to a make-out party.

  • Faith

    It’s tax season at the Arnolds, so Jack is in a bad mood. Norma is so worried about the Apollo 13 astronauts that she loses the tax receipts and doesn’t know how to tell Jack.

  • The Unnatural

    Kevin is amazed that he is surviving the school’s baseball tryouts, until he finds out the coach and his father served together in the Korean War.

  • Goodbye

    Kevin seeks tutoring help from his math teacher for a big test.

  • Cocoa And Sympathy

    Paul develops a crush on Mrs. Arnold after she gives him a boost of confidence.

  • Daddy's Little Girl

    Jack and Karen are constantly fighting as she is about to leave for college, and he fears he is losing his little girl.

  • Moving

    Kevin learns that the Coopers are moving across town, where Winnie will attend a different school. 

  • Bonus Features

    • Hall Pass: Roundtable with Danica McKellar, Fred Savage, and Josh Saviano
    • Featurette: A Family Affair: At Home with the Arnolds
    • Interviews:
      • Olivia d’Abo (Karen Arnold)
      • Jason Hervey (Wayne Arnold)
      • Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper)
      • Crystal McKellar (Becky Slater)

Season 4

Bonus DVD

Enjoy an additional DVD of exclusive bonus features, including more of the Los Angeles cast reunion and never-before-seen outtakes of Kevin and Winnie’s first kiss! 

  • Bonus Features

      • 16 Years Later: The Wonder Years Cast Reunion, May 28, 2014, in Los Angeles, California
      • Pilot Episode Outtakes: The First Kiss
      • Featurette: When a Man Loves a Woman: Kevin & Winnie Forever
      • Interviews:
        • Neal Marlens and Carol Black, Creators
        • Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold)
        • Alley Mills (Norma Arnold)

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